Baseball Card Camp


Our newest and most fun camp IS BACK: Baseball Card Camp. Players will work on skills, drills, and fundamentals while earning single OR packs of baseball cards for winning competitions, being good listeners, making improvements, etc. Each player receives a pack of baseball cards at the start of camp. As players earn more single cards and packs of cards, they will take them home to strategize with parents on putting together the best possible lineup they can with the cards they accrue. At the end of camp, each player will submit a lineup with the cards they received during camp. The best team (according to the coaches/instructors) will win a prize. This camp is for players that wish to collect skills, confidence, and baseball cards (and maybe even a prize for best lineup)!

Baseball Players

11/5, and 11/6 from 9-11 am each day (ages 7-14)

Cost: $125

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