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Indoor Baseball Tournament Rentals

We offer $5 off on cage rentals for teams playing in any of our indoor baseball tournaments that are looking to warm up hitters prior to their games ($20 per 30-minute batting cage or $30 per 60-minute batting cage). Due to the limited availability and popularity of our cages during the winter, all sales are final. In the event a team drops out of the tournament, there will be no refunds for the cage rentals. To purchase cage space for an upcoming tournament, please fill out the form below:

Facility Rules & Expectations for Tournament Teams:

* Discounted cage rentals are for pre-purchase ONLY (no walk-ins)

* Team manager or coach must fill out form below. To ensure we book teams in order of requests, we do not accept calls to book over the phone. After receiving form submission, we will contact you to schedule

* NO CLEATS of any kind (sneakers or turf shoes only)

* Hitters MUST wear helmets inside batting cages

* NO seeds, drinks, tobacco, or gum inside cages or on turf

* NO foul or abusive language

* Make sure you are on time for your rental and out on time prior to next guest's allotted time slot

Thank you!