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Instructor Application

Are you a former athlete interested in providing lessons for clients and enjoy working with kids? Our baseball & softball instructors offer private lessons in hitting, pitching, fielding, baserunning, mental game management, and combinations of all 5! We are always interested in former athletes that are excited to share their expertise with our young athletes! Below are some of the benefits of being a baseball or softball instructor at our facility:

* Commission-based pay: instructors earn commission percentage for all lessons (commission percentage depends on experience/career accolades).

* Provide own availability: Want to offer lessons one day a week? Great! Want to offer lessons every day of the week? Even better! Instructors provide own availability and only come in for scheduled lessons.

* Free training space: Instructors do not have to pay to host lessons at our facility. Commission percentages take that into account so there's no trying to figure out how much space costs the instructor.

* Free drinks: Instructors have access to free drinks before, during, or after their lessons.

* Hassle-free scheduling: Lessons are booked and canceled by our Academy staff. Instructors do not have to worry about scheduling and rescheduling clients.

* Uniform policy: Instructors are given a hat and t-shirt, but instructors are encouraged to dress comfortably for lessons. No worrying about attire!

* Opportunities to host camps & clinics: Instructors are given first priority on any camps or clinics they want to offer at our facility to earn extra income.

Interested? Fill out the form below and we will be in touch!

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