ITN Academy offers the best instructors in Central Pennsylvania. Our instructors have all had distinguished careers at various levels and now want to share their skills, experience, and knowledge with the students interested in growing their skill sets.


The fundamentals to baseball or softball are of critical importance to the development of young athletes. If the fundamentals are neglected, then poor form and bad habits can develop and over time, this could be a disadvantage to your player on the field and could possibly lead to serious injury. The seasoned professionals at ITN Academy take the time to work with your player to instill the fundamentals of the game. This will prevent injury and position them for success!

Professional Instructors

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Teegan Leader

Available Oct-Mar.

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Breton LaRose


Nicki Starry


Kirsten Hertzog


Cassidy Pinchorski


Rich Miller


Isaac Wengert

Baseball - Hitting/Fielding
Baseball - Pitching
Softball - Hitting/Catching
Softball - Hitting/Fielding/Mental Game Management
Softball - Pitching/Hitting
Baseball - Hitting/Fielding
Baseball - Pitching/Hitting/Fielding