Need to make a rental payment?
Need to make a rental payment?

Facility & Rentals

State-of-the-Art Training Complex

ITN Academy is one of the most expansive baseball and softball complexes in Pennsylvania. In fact, teams that visit us from Virginia and New Jersey have been impressed with our facilities. We have 6 outdoor baseball/softball fields and an indoor field. Our massive indoor facility means training does not stop due to a drop in the weather. Our training facility houses 6 batting cages and screens, pitching machines, 4 pitching lanes with mounds, and a full infield and our newest and most popular addition: HITTRAX! You simply must see it to believe it!

We are a NO CLEATS facility
Turf Shoes or Sneaks Only

Pitching Lane Rentals

  • 4 Pitching Lanes with Screen Dividers

  • 4 Baseball Mounds and 4 Softball Mounds

  • 4 Pitching Target Nets

  • Distance Marked at...


  • 46 ft

  • 50 ft

  • 60 ft 6 in


  • 35 ft

  • 43 ft

30 min rental

  • $25 Non-Member

60 min rental

  • $35 Non-Member

For discounted rental rates, learn about becoming a MEMBER

Cage Rentals

  • 6 Batting Cages

  • HitTrax Training Equipment

  • 6 L-Screens for use

  • 3 Baseball Pitching Machines

  • 2 Softball Pitching Machines

  • Cage Baseballs and Softballs

  • Helmets

  • Batting Tees

  • Baseball Bats

Standard Rates:


30 min rentals

  • $25 Non-Member

    • $30 with Pitching Machine

    • $35 with HitTrax

60 min rental

  • $35 Non-Member

    • $45 with Pitching Machine

    • $55 with HitTrax

For discounted rental rates, learn about becoming a MEMBER

Field Area & Facility Rental

Field Area
  • 58 feet x 78 feet

  • Can Convert into..

    • 3 Batting Cages​

    • 4 Pitching Lanes & 2 Soft Toss Stations

    • 2 Batting cages & 2 Soft Toss Stations

Facility Rental

Bring your whole team into ITN Academy and we'll let you rent our whole facility by the hour. You never have to worry about rain again, stay dry on the rainy days and warm on the cold days inside our facility.

Lounge/Loft Rental

Let ITN Academy be the next spot to host your birthday party. Enjoy our loft area with the birds eye view of the Academy. Come spend your birthday with us! The loft area is often used by teams that are part of our tournaments as a place to stay and get out of the sun.

1 Hour Rental

  • $50 Members & Non-Members

1 Hour Rental

  • $50 Members & Non-Members