Round Robin Batting Cage Rentals

Due to COVID-19, USSSA batting cage rentals for teams participating in USSSA softball tournaments at In The Net are available to a limited number of teams on a first come, first serve basis and are available for pre-purchase only (no walk-ins on day of tournament). The following rules will be strictly enforced:


ITN Academy Cage Rental Rules

* 1 coach per cage allowed in the facility at same time

* NO parents, siblings, additional coaches, or spectators allowed in the Academy

* Masks must be worn by ALL players waiting to enter cage(s) to hit. They do not have to be worn by player(s) in the cage hitting but are recommended

* Sneakers ONLY in batting cages. No metal, plastic, or rubber cleats.

* No food or drinks of any kind permitted inside cages

* Teams must bring their own softballs to use inside cages

ITN Baseball & Softball Academy

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