How Do I Become Victus POM?

We here at ITN Academy have put together a great program for our Renegade Players and ITN Academy Members. With the 'Victus Player of the Month' each player part of our Renegade Program (months December-August) and ITN Academy Members (months September-November) will have the chance to be crowned as our winner each month.



The Process of the Program: 9u-13u Renegade Players ONLY (December-August)

  • On the last day of each month, Renegade Coaches will nominate up to 2 Players from their team that they feel are great candidates to win the 'Victus Player of the Month'

  • The  players selected will then be narrowed down to 1 winner which will be announced at the beginning of each month

  • There will also be 1 player selected as 'Honorable Mention'

  • This process will repeat each month, December-August

The Process of the Program: Silver Members & Current 9u-17u Renegade Players ONLY (September-November)

  • On the last day of each month, Renegade coaches may nominate up to 2 Players from their current team that they feel are great candidates to win the 'Victus Player of the Month'. The ITN Academy Director will also nominate 1 current Silver Member.

  • There will also be 1 player selected as 'Honorable Mention' (player will receive name recognition on academy TV, website, social media)

  • These players will be selected by the same process stated above. 

  • This process will repeat each month, September-November.


Who gets nominated and then selected to win?

  • Be a great example on and off the field as well as in the classroom

  • Give 100% effort at practice and in games

  • Use the facility outside your team practices

  • Show great sportsmanship

  • Be a coachable player

  • Show leadership qualities 

  • Put up great statistics...hits, homeruns, ERA, stolen bases, etc...

  • **We are looking for the all around player to hold the title of "Victus Player of the Month". There are several factors that go into selecting this individual. Just because you may have impressive stats, doesn't mean you will get picked. Your attitude on and off the field is very important as well as your classroom behavior and how well you listen to your coaches, teachers, teammates, and parent/guardians.**


What does the winner receive: 

  • A Rawlings Gamer Glove 

  • A Personalized (name on bat) Victus Trophy bat in Renegade colors or ITN Academy colors

  • Several Gatorade Products

  • Your picture on the wall in the hallway before you enter the Academy

  • A spot on the TV in the Academy with pictures and info about you that will show until the next winner

  • Highlighted on ITN's instagram page, twitter page, and facebook page as well as on our website

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